Faith in Science Launch: Sunday April 30th, 6pm

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From Enlightenment to Entanglement: A programme exploring


Faith in Science


Does science need God? Does God need science? Explore the relationship between science and faith through the 'Faith in Science' programme, an innovative collaboration between the University of Derby and Derby Cathedral. A mix of heritage tours, public lectures and Sunday Evensongs celebrating science, the programme features contributions from world-leading Christian scientists exploring the relationship between their faith and their scientific research.



Sunday Science Evensong
Launch Event at Derby Cathedral: April 30th, 6pm


‘Does science need God? Does God need science?’
Sunday Science Evensong with the Rt Revd Dr Richard Cheetham, Bishop of Kingston


Bishop Richard studied philosophy and physics at Oxford before becoming Eton's Assistant Physics Master. He was ordained in 1987, and became Bishop of Kingston in 2002.


Public Lecture at the University of Derby (Kedleston Rd, Room OL2): May 2nd, 5.45pm


'God and the Big Bang':
Revd Professor David Wilkinson, University of Durham


David is a theologian, theoretical astrophysicist and former inner-city Methodist minister. He has long had an interest in the dialogue of science and religion, especially as it impacts the physical sciences.



Sunday Science Evensong: May 7th, 6pm


‘The Big Bang and Creation: What are we doing here?’
Sunday Science Evensong with Mr David Exham, former Headmaster of Bloxham School


David is a mathematician, former Head of a leading independent boarding school, and a Church of England Reader. In this Evensong, he will build upon the themes introduced by David Wilkinson in Tuesday's lecture.


Public Lecture at Derby Cathedral: May 10th, 7pm


'Science, Faith and Post-Truth'
Revd Professor Alister McGrath, University of Oxford


Theologian, priest, scientist and historian, Alister is Professor of Science and Religion in Oxford’s Faculty of Theology, and has published dozens of influential works on subjects as diverse as Darwinism, Calvin and Richard Dawkins.

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