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From Enlightenment to Entanglement: A programme exploring

Faith in Science

The Faith in Science programme continues, with two more lectures, a Sunday Science Evensong, and two tours exploring the relationship between science. The events so far have proved hugely successful, with hundreds attending lectures at the University and Cathedral and Sunday services celebrating the achievements of science. The lectures and sermons have been recorded and will be available to listen to on iTunes in June.

Public Lecture
Tuesday, May 23rd 2017, 5.45pm

Venue: The University of Derby, Room OL2 (Atrium, Kedleston Rd)

‘Are we slaves to our genes?’
Prof. Denis Alexander, University of Cambridge

Denis is the Emeritus Director of the Faraday Institute for Science and Religion at the University of Cambridge, where he continues to explore the relationship between science and faith. An Evangelical Christian and a molecular biologist, Denis will discuss determinism and 'fate' in the third lecture in the Faith in Science series.

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Sunday Science Evensong
Sunday, May 28th 2017, 6pm

Venue: Derby Cathedral

'Enlightened or Entangled?':

The Revd Dr Elizabeth Thomson, Derby Cathedral's Canon Missioner

Canon Elizabeth is the 'Faith in Science' projecto co-director alongside the University of Derby's Prof. Hugh Rollinson. In this final Sunday Science Evensong, Dr Thomson revisits the issues raised by previous speakers on subjects as diverse as Creationism and the big bang, genetics and 'fate', evidence and faith, to ask: are we now enlightened by what we have heard, or further entangled?


Public Lecture
Tuesday, May 30th 2017, 5.45pm

Venue: The University of Derby, Room OL2 (Atrium, Kedleston Rd)

‘Hasn't Science Disproved God?’
Dr Martin Buzza, University of Hull

Martin is a theoretical physicist, having gained his PhD from the University of Cambridge before working as a postdoctoral research assistant under Prof Tom McLeish. In this final lecture, Martin will discuss the relationship between proof, theory and faith.

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